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Intention + Action = Manifestation

I feel like the word "manifest" gets thrown around a LOT these days.

Sayings like "Call to mind what it is you want to manifest for yourself", or "What is it you wish to manifest in your life?" are a pretty common part of the script.

And it's not necessarily poor practice to envision the life you want for yourself.

But it can't end at just having the idea.

In fact, that's just the beginning.

To actually see any dream realized, there has to be some action fueling the outcome.

We are in a constant act of creation - each thought, word, and deed we put forth brings us closer or further away from those visions we entertain about our potential future.

Having an idea of where you are going next can be a helpful tool for staying aware of your daily actions and for staying motivated to keep moving towards your dreams.

So how do we walk down this path of manifestation while remaining in a state of grace and patience with ourselves? Start small.

Choose one thing you want to practice this week.

For example -

I have always had a vision of being an artist, and yet for many years, I simply didn't paint.

Life got in the way. There were other things that required my focus (raising kids, building a career, etc...)

But, I never gave up on my vision.

If there was one positive thing that came out of the pandemic years, it was a recommitment to that vision.

I started painting more regularly. Reading books that inspired creativity. Finding inspiration and ideas in Nature. I started putting action behind the intention.

It took me many years, but a few months ago someone asked me to create a custom art piece for them.

Next month, my artwork will actually hang on the gallery wall at ReikiSpace in Harrisburg.

I'm leading retreats that are designed to help other women embrace their creativity.

My point is, none of this would have happened without me making the change in my habits and actually creating more art on a regular basis.

Tapas is a Sanskrit word that means "to burn". In Yoga, it is one of the Niyamas (internal disciplines), and refers to the consistency, self-discipline, and perseverance of an observed practice.

While I firmly believe in finding balance by honoring your need and right to rest whenever needed, a sense of ownership for whatever it is we are (or are not) actually practicing must come into play.

It's simply not enough to "set an intention" and expect that our visions will manifest in a tangible way.

Igniting the internal flames of passion and desire, and transforming that fire into action.

As Yoga Sutra 1.14 states - sa tu dirghakala nairantarya satkarasevito drdhabhumih:

Practice that is done for a long time, without break and with sincere devotion becomes a firmly rooted, stable, and solid foundation.

With that in mind...

  • What is your dream vision of a future you? What are you doing? Where are you? Who are you with?

  • What actions can you take today to bring you one small step closer to that vision?

  • What actions are you currently taking that draw you further away from this vision?

  • Commit to re-evaluating this on a weekly basis to stay devoted to achieving these dreams.




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