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Like a Seed

Most days, the idea of curling up, safely encased in a protective shell, surrounded by darkness and quiet sounds super appealing. The outside world is chaotic. It's unpredictable, noisy, busy, and demanding.

There is violence and suffering and arguing. And as many "kind" choices as I make, there is no avoiding contact with these types of experiences.

A friend identified me as "RESILIENT" this week. We chatted about how preferable it might be to just stay home instead of venturing out into the world. And yet, we both identified as being called to teach, guide, and share.

Looking around outside, Nature, she is teaching us. Like a tiny seed, born out of the death of its parent plant, there is a time to rest in the comfortable protection of encasement and deep, dark soil.

And then, when the time is right, the tiny seed will blossom back out into the sunlight, nourished by the darkness, ready to bloom forth with new beauty and understanding.

Like the little seed, we are being shaped by the flux of challenges, dark times, and suffering. We may have felt content to stay in that place of deep rest. For a while, we may not have been able to see anything outside of our shell of despair.

Until we are guided back to bloom forth with renewed strength and resilience. It's a relentless cycle of trust and unknowing that brings Spring flowers to bloom each year.

And I'm ready for it....


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