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Whatever Floats Your Boat.... Do It

I'm not sure why, but some of you are about to lose your minds again.

It happens every January - hoards of miserable folks flock to the gym prepared to torture their bodies with over-exercise and undernourishment. The annual atonement process might last until March. It is led by the judgment of our bodies, and a general dislike for what appears in the mirror before us. This externally motivated misstep is the reason it doesn't stick. You're building a house on a faulty foundation.

What might happen if we instead focused on building a loving, genuine connection to the image we project?

If we allow forgiveness, compassion, and kindness to lead the way, then we make space to become the person we could really love. Our perspective shifts, and suddenly we find ourselves making choices based on a desire to nourish and care for our physical body out of LOVE.

This is when real change occurs. When we see ourselves as a multi-layered being - physical, emotional/mental, energetic, and spiritual Self that deserves to be celebrated, then we find ourselves making healthy choices with ease.

It doesn't have to be so hard - we can love ourselves healthy.

It can be simple and kind.

Start slowly. Be gentle. Say kind things to your reflection. Value every wrinkle and stretch mark.

Do more of the stuff that brings JOY to your life. Lead with Love.

Here is a simple, 5 minute practice to get you started.




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