My Story

The path to wellness has many turns, ups and downs, and often challenging moments... 


And sometimes it's these moments in life where we have the opportunity to say "yes" to something unknown, that changes the entire course of our journey.


Throughout the many twists and turns, I've found creative ways to live a more Balanced Life.  Possibilities are endless, and I've found my true calling in helping others experience this for themselves.  


Living a Balanced Life has a lot to do with recognizing that change is constant.  What works right now might not feel balanced in 6 months or a year. 

It is a practice; an ever-changing thing that needs to be re-evaluated regularly, and I love to help people do that. 


Intuitive Training


If you are looking for a personal trainer who totes around a scale as a measure of success, then you will need to keep looking, because I do not own a scale. 


Body weight is not an accurate reflection of how healthy or happy we are, so why focus on that number?


Let's dig a little deeper and shift the focus to finding happiness, joy, and total acceptance with ourselves and all of our flaws, and trust that our physical bodies will balance themselves out as a result. 


My clients can expect to see different kinds of changes in their lives outside of a short-term weight loss goal.  I am available to you outside of our time together and will encourage you to find a Balanced Life for your unique self. 

A healthier body is something that must continue to be cared for over a lifetime.

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