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Around and Around - the Circle of Life

Everything around us in Nature reflects an unending cycle of transformation, change, death, and rebirth.

Spring, specifically when the danger of frost begins to pass and the Earth warms her womb to bring forth an abundance of new Life and growth, is a wonderful time for us to merge with that energy of Creation.

Every season, I pause to reflect on the gifts and lessons of Nature and honor her in my practices.

And as I lumber down the path of student more deeply, the call to lead and teach becomes greater. It has become a true gift to hold space for Circles of people to commune together for focused self-study and personal development.

When we come together in these connected Circles of humanness, our ability to become active participants in this cycle emerges in a powerful way. Our group practice of meditation on a vision of contentment multiplies the energy we collectively put toward creating this actualized future. Coupled with the continued support of that community, we all become empowered to grow together.

  • Who do you consider to be your community?

  • What makes them your community?

  • What do you feel are the biggest benefits of having a community?

This season, there are two upcoming opportunities to join in community with me -


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