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Hold Your Vision in Kindness

If you want your intentions to manifest into something tangible, you have to keep weaving them into your life. It's not enough to say you want something, or even to write it down. You have to actively practice living in a way that will bring you closer to the life you imagine for yourself.

A month in to this new year/decade, do you still see your vision?

Are you doing the work, the practices it takes to achieve your visions?

What resources do you utilize for support in your practices?

What successes/challenges are you experiencing?

Do you need to take a step back and re-evaluate your intentions (without judgment)?

Remember, this is a journey with many twists and turns.

Some days will be better than others.

Just keep going.

Up and down, forward and back, side to side, in a circle...

No matter what you think, you are always moving in the direction you need to be traveling in!

When things don't go the way you envision, try to reflect objectively.

Hold your vision with compassion, and don't be afraid to let it shift and change with time.

This brings to mind the story of "The Alchemist", by Paolo Coehlo.

If you haven't already read it, or haven't read it in awhile, it's always worth the time.

This book illustrates this point beautifully.




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