To Speak for the Unborn Child

Is to presume you know what they’d say. Perhaps their role in this life is meant to end never having to leave the warm cradle of it’s mother’s womb.

Have you ever seen the loving gaze between a baby and it’s Mother? Never once wishing them harm.

What if… their entire role in this life was just to live and die in that way?

That perhaps this life we are living here and now Is another chance for you To end violence towards living, breathing, women sharing what they think And are feeling.

You cannot go against god if god is all things and all beings. Including the painful decision some women must make. Guided by god to carry that soul straight back to the heavens to remain with god.

We cling to this life with such absoluteness - refusing to consider it’s ending as another beginning.

But what if it’s there is no “better” or “worse”? Just another phase of the life + death experience. Just another opportunity to achieve contentment Here and Now. To Do No Harm.

Sometimes here, and “alive” tethered to our ego. Other times, one with god. Remembering our connectedness.

Perhaps, it is you, then, who try to go against god?

With Contentment + Anger + Love, K

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