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The Gift of In-Between

Whatever the situation, we are being offered a gift.

Sometimes, this gift takes time to develop, like a really slow polaroid.

It might even take us years to gently unfold the layers of complexity that wrap it up tight – which may or may not be as exciting as the gift itself. At times the unwrapping process may even feel uncomfortable, or unbearable.

We humans have this tendency to immediately want to shit on an entire situation when it doesn’t immediately serve us.

Our present-day situation allows us instant gratification and unlimited options on a daily basis – anything you want to eat, anything you could think to buy, anything you want to watch – we have ways to make it all happen rather quickly.

We cannot even deal when something doesn’t happen at this warp speed.

“My expectations weren’t met, so screw this entire community/situation/job/marriage, etc.! This is BAD!”

Us humans don’t allow our gifts enough time to develop.

Often, as time passes, we start to see the deeper lessons in our experience, and the gift begins to reveal itself to us.

The gift of perspective.

The gift of hindsight.

The deeper understanding of ourselves and our complicated human relationships.

If we are willing, we can start to put ourselves more fully into others’ shoes, seeing different angles of the same situation. We start to appreciate the In-Between of life.

Ultimately, you get to choose whether something is “good” or “bad”. Whether it’s “right” or “wrong”.

Perhaps it's neither.

Perhaps it’s both.

Maybe life experiences are much more nuanced than that.

Maybe all our opinions on a matter are nothing more than self-serving ego dumps.

Maybe this essay is as well.

Maybe it’s worth it, if we are truly present to whatever is unfolding.

Maybe it’s entirely up to you which perspective you decide to take, in this particular moment, about this particular topic.

Maybe that perspective will shift as you grow and age, as your personal situation changes, as you are better able to put yourself in another person’s shoes.

As you unwrap the layers of wrapping paper on your gift of life – some joyful, some excruciating. Each and every one, a true gift in itself. If you simply take the time to savor the process. The In-Between.

May You Find Joy in your Journey.

With Love,



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