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Going with the Flow - Embarrassing Moments

Working from home has its many ups and downs, but teaching Yoga classes online has presented a whole heap of new challenges and interesting situations.

I've been reluctant to do too many live broadcasts because things around here are, well.... to put it politely "busy". Between my husband, 3 sons, 4 dogs, and flock of birds, there can be quite a bit of background noise. The "Chorus of the Hounds" as I like to call it, goes off at random, with the slightest movement from the neighbors, feral cats, birds, and various other comings and goings.

But unique times call for unique measures, so when my friend Chelsea asked me to teach recently for the virtual version of the Central PA Yoga Love Festival, I said yes without hesitation.

And the Universe laughed in kind.

Right before class started, my neighbor fired up the lawnmower. About 8 minutes in, my dogs started wandering in. One promptly began licking the other's butt in front of the camera. 20 minutes in the freshly mowed grass kicked up an allergy attack and I couldn't keep from choking and coughing. Periodically, the dogs would bark and my husband could be heard yelling at them. The enthusiastic sounds of video gaming echoed through the floor.

Now, many #epicfails have happened throughout my 15 years of teaching movement and meditation. But the difference currently, is that everyone gets a glimpse into your personal, private home life. The chaos that seems normal to me might seem outrageous to someone else. And even as accustomed as I am to my own home environment, knowing that it is being broadcast to the world wide web just makes the whole thing different in some way.

And so, this has become my practice now.

Can I put myself in this whole new place of vulnerability and be with whatever shows up (knowing how crazy that can sometimes be around here)?

I'm trying.

I edited some videos for Om My Yoga Online. Took almost two weeks to get an hour video completed, but I've done 3 now, and working on a fourth. Practice makes it easier... go figure!

I did a few live videos on Instagram and Facebook for House of Yoga with varying degrees of success... but I learned something each time, and plan to keep doing it.

While I miss the experience of sharing physical space (and reckless hugs) with my favorite humans, and am still trying to overcome the awkwardness of teaching to the ether, I must admit it's been nice to see other teachers and friends in their own spaces, with their animals, and kids, and noise in the background. It highlights the humanity of our shared situation. It makes us all the more real. It lifts the veil of illusion that we are in some way different or separate from our students. It's an opportunity to surrender completely.

I'm still trying.

In the meantime, please enjoy this outtake of my dogs' poorly timed display.

Whatever challenges or triumphs you're experiencing right now, know that it's ALL GOOD!

Life will continue to have ups, and downs, but we can practice skills to help us navigate those shifts.

For me, it's the actual practices of meditation and Yoga plus a few other things.

What are your best tools for staying balanced? Are you practicing them consistently, and with intention? Are you pushing your boundaries and spending time outside the comfort zone?

I'm pushing further than ever by (finally) creating a YouTube Channel.

We'll see where that goes... but in the meantime, it's super important to remain connected to the community, and this is another great way to make that happen.

However you like to do it, practice remaining calm and content as life's little interruptions pop up. And on the days things don't turn out the way you want them to...







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