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Let it Grow

Hi there -

I've been super busy outside this month, playing in the dirt and watching the seeds of spring sprout and grow into delicious salads, herbs, and colorful flowers.

It feels so liberating to be outside observing nature as she does her magical thing.

The chores of the garden are a great opportunity for me to practice being in the moment. Paying attention to the details. Putting in the planning and time to get the most out of the hard work and effort. And constantly learning from mistakes (of which I've made many).

The process of it all is where I find joy and peace, and it's easy to sit in silence here.

It truly is my Happy Place.

Do you have a special spot outdoors where you feel connected to Nature?

What do you like to do there?

Hope to see you at some of the fun upcoming June classes or special events!



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