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Tuna Collard Wraps

Tuna Collard Wraps

A solid way to ensure getting a good balance of nutrients in your diet is to eat a variety of different colored vegetables and fruits. Often, the pigment in those foods stems from some of the nutrients. So, eat the rainbow!

Tuna Collard Wraps

6 Collard Green Leaves

Salt, to taste

1 Can of Tuna in Water

Dijon Mustard

Squeeze of Lemon

Cracked Black Pepper

Chopped fresh Basil and Parsley

1 Celery Stalk, finely diced

Red Cabbage

Sliced Tomato

Boil the collards in lightly salted water until they turn bright green - just a few minutes.

While that is happening, mix the mustard with lemon juice, salt, pepper, chopped herbs and celery with the tuna.

Serve half the collards with half the tuna salad, and top with red cabbage and sliced tomato.

Wrap like a little burrito and ENJOY!

10-15 minutes of prep work gives you two very healthy, filling meals. ;)

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