Join Karen for an 8-Week Virtual Journey cultivating practices of 

Meditation, Movement, Creativity, Wellness, and Community.


Next series runs 9/27 - 11/15


If you are curious about your energetic body and how it relates to your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, this course is for you!


What might happen if we took the time to practice healthy habits and support each other as a community?


Each week, we will focus on a different chakra (energy center), and how it relates to our practices.


The Journey includes -


Weekly live virtual meetings via Zoom (Sundays at 7:00p)

Share Circle + Guided Meditation


Weekly Chakra Yoga Practice, Journaling Worksheets and Card Pull

(Yoga Class can be taken on its own)


Meditations, Creative Projects, and Movement Practices


Community connection and support developing healthy habits through our 

Private Facebook Group and Google Drive


Call 717-467-8329 or email with questions, or to schedule a free consultation.



Need based support is always available. 

Please contact me to chat and we'll find a way to make it happen. 

Balanced Life 8-Week Virtual Circle


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