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Join Karen for an 8-Week Virtual Program designed to build confidence, and cultivate more gratitude and creativity in your life. 


1/6 - 2/24

Forget about trying to lose 10 lbs - what if we focused on practicing self-love and learning to see nutrition and movement as self-care instead of punishment?  What might happen if we simply took the time to practice healthy habits and support each other as a community without an end goal in mind? 


During our 8 weeks together, we will - 


  • Meet weekly via Virtual Meeting (Mondays at 7p)
  • Share in a private Facebook Group (meeting links will be posted if you cannot make it live)
  • Get reminders and tips about meditation, nutrition, and movement practices. 
  • Have several opportunities to meet up with our group in person (if local to Central PA)
  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals
  • Practice developing healthier habits 
  • Receive guidance on practicing self-care and "homework" assignments


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Call 717-343-1571 or email karen_east@comcast.net with questions, or to schedule a FREE consultation. 


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8 Week Virtual Self-Love Program

$160.00 Regular Price
$144.00Sale Price